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Dallas is an extravagant, radical business city. Nicknamed "Big D. It is a staunchly conservative city and its residents' biggest passions seem to be making money and spending it. Remembered as the city where President John F Kennedy was assassinated, Bonnie & Clyde started their spree of lawlessness and the Dallas Cowboys football club. A place where, Southern Baptist churches are pack to the brim, for Sunday services. There is plenty to entertain visitors, with great hotels, assorted restaurants, thriving nightlife, and the alternative music scene.


All major sights, hotels, and restaurants are within walking distance, visiting the outlying areas, it is best to rent a car, but, if your hotel doesn't have parking, street parking can be an expensive. A free Trolley Bus and the McKinney Avenue Trolley service, which has a line of early-20th-century streetcars travel to various attractions. Taxis are available at bigger hotels.

Dallas-Fort Worth International located midway between Dallas and Fort Worth and Love Field located 7 miles northwest of Dallas's. Taxis, Limousine and car rental services are available transport from the airport. For a cheaper van service, use the 24-hour Super Shuttle.

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